This page is dedicated to my amateur radio hobby.

Please check in from time to time to see how things evolve!
Bitte immer wieder mal vorbeischauen, wie sich die Dinge hier entwickeln!

Coming soon: Andiamo I, Andiamo II and Andiamo III - QSO on 650nm with LED or Laser / Lichtsprechen mit Laser oder LED.

Latest news:

3rd December 2018: updates in the selfmade section: more info about the generic sequencer / mehr Infos zum generischen Sequenzer

2nd October 2018: some antenna pictures and the new GenSeq project in selfmade section
15th August 2018: minor updates on the website, first preview of ECL software
23th July 2018: site changed and expanded, additional projects added, like ADF5355 PLL control and ADF4153 PLL control for Arduino
21th July 2018: some work with: surplus stuff I bought at Ham Radio Friedrichshafen
20th July 2018: a proper control tool for transverter use: the FT-817 commander
30th June 2018: first projects added, e.g. the FT-817 display
05th November 2017: First setup, reserved OE8WOZ domain - still a lot to do!
February 2016: became an more active radio amateur